GRASP9.3.01 Student Edition

GRASP9.3.01 Student Edition 9.3

It allows the user to analyse single or double reflector antenna systems
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GRASP Student Edition (GRASP-SE) is a Student Edition of TICRA's professional General Reflector Antenna Software Package (GRASP). It is a freeware product available for systems running Windows and Linux.

The Student Edition allows the user to analyse single or double reflector antenna systems with a single or two feeds. The Student Edition has limited functionality compared to the professional GRASP, but the software follows the same high standard and computes with the same accuracy as the professional version.

The GRASP Student Edition comes with new features that will make the antenna set-up and analysis easier. The pull-down menus have been changed and re-organized in a more user-friendly manner, and projects are easily browsed by means of a new Navigator. From the Navigator the user can edit, list or delete objects by a few mouse clicks. It is also possible to view references to and from a given object.

The command structure in GRASP9 is dramatically changed with the main objective of assisting the user in carrying out analysis whilst ensuring proper convergence in the numerical integration. The familiar get_current command in the Student Edition now always carries out convergence checks, both on field points and on other PO point distributions. If sequences of field storage objects and PO objects are specified, the program will automatically determine the number of PO points necessary for convergence on the given object locations, based on convergence criteria defined by the program. The convergence check is carried out in few, uniformly distributed points, and can usually be performed in very short time.

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